How to Keep Your White Nursery Recliner Looking New

How to Keep Your White Nursery Recliner Looking New

The perfect nursery cannot be perfect without a recliner or glider. A recliner is where you feed, soothe and play with your baby. Your baby deserves the best nursery recliner and so do you!

Choosing a crisp white nursery recliner allows for decorating with a variety of other patterns within the nursery room itself. But, you might be worried, with a little one, how can you possibly keep a white recliner looking white? With these 6 tips, you can learn how to keep your white upholstery fabric chair looking fresh.

Here are 6 Easy Ways how to clean your white upholstery fabric chair:

Tip 1: Use a Spot Cleaner - Cleaning white upholstery using a spot cleaner is very simple. It is best to catch the stain when it is relatively fresh, but as a busy parent that may not always be feasible. Fear not, many stain removers are made to remove set in, difficult stains. First, you’ll use a clean cloth to gently remove the outer, surface level, stains. Then you’ll spray the stain remover solution on the stain and allow it to sit for approximately five minutes. Lastly, dab at the stain with a clean absorbent cloth. This should remove the stain, however if the stain remains stubborn, repeat the steps as necessary. Just because the chair is white, does not mean you should try to add bleach to remove a stain. This could ruin the fabric of your glider. Using a safe spot cleaner is a quick and easy option for how to clean white upholstery.

Tip 2: Vacuum - White chairs, along with all fabric and upholstery chairs, naturally collect dust and hairs that can become visible. Using a vacuum to clean your white upholstery is easy. Be sure to utilize the vacuum’s upholstery attachment. It is specifically made to gently, yet thoroughly remove crumbs or hairs from all over your glider. It is important to use a powerful vacuum with a thin nozzle to be able to get all of the debris out of the gliding mechanism too. A vacuum is a quick, easy way to keep your white upholstery fabric chair clean.

Tip 3: Use a Lint Remover Tool - A lint remover tool can pull up some of the dust and hair on your white nursery recliner, but also some types of fabrics pill, and it might show a little more on the white fabric. It’s not ideal, but there is a solution to handle it. A small battery operated fabric shaver tool, works perfectly to help maintain the pristine look of your white glider. Gently rub the shaver over the pilling areas on the back and armrests, and then go over it with a lint roller if needed, and watch it remove the little unwanted balls of fabric. Follow tool's instructions for use.

Tip 4: Use a Blanket - A nursery recliner will begin to look most used on the armrests where you rest your arms while holding your baby. A great way to keep these armrests looking as white as they were the day you bought them is by using blankets to cover the armrest. Any soft throw or perhaps a cute baby swaddle, will protect your chair and adds some color!  The best part is, if the blanket gets spilled on you can remove it and wash it and your white chair will be spared.

Tip 5: Annual or Semi-Annual Professional Cleaning - When considering a professional clean for your glider, you can rent a steam cleaner and follow the instructions to clean your chair yourself, or hire a professional. Professional upholstery cleaning will kill germs and remove dust and grime leaving your recliner clean and fresh. With a professional you will feel more secure that the cleaning will be done right. Professional cleanings can be done every six months or yearly to keep your chair looking fabulous. A professional clean is a great way to keep your white upholstery looking brand new.

Tip 6: Performance Fabric - What is “performance fabric?” Performance fabric is a term used to describe fabric that is water resistant, easier to clean and is more durable. Little spills can be easily wiped and blotted out and you should not see wear and tear after a short time period of use. Performance fabric is durable and will help your glider last. Buying a glider with performance fabric can help lessen the stress of cleaning your white nursery glider. 

Oilo has many colors and styles of “high performance fabric” for their nursery recliners and gliders, including white. Getting an Oilo nursery recliner with high performance fabric will go a long way in helping maintain the new look of your recliner.

So Why Buy White? Buying a white nursery recliner may seem slightly daunting but it can be the perfect touch to your nursery. White is modern, crisp, clean and can go with any theme or color scheme. Dirt and grime might be more visible on white, so you will be kept accountable to clean your chair in a timely manner, which should be done with any nursery recliner fabric color.

White nursery recliners such as Oilo’s High Performance Cloud White Flynn Recliner give your nursery a chic look while providing you with a durable recliner that will last the test of time. Do not be afraid to buy white!

With our 6 Simple Tips you can keep your white nursery recliner looking as good as new. You will not have to wonder how to clean white upholstery, these easy steps will guide you on your mission to keep your white upholstery fabric spotless. Go ahead, do not fear, enjoy that luxurious white nursery recliner, that is the missing piece to your nursery!

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