Design Challenge- Week 10

Week 10 and the final update from these 4 ladies. We are impress with what all 8 ladies have done as the weeks have gone on! If you want to catch up on previous weeks you can do that below!

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Jackie Konczol

I'm due in two weeks with our second little one and the only person who may be more excited than me is big sister, Olivia. Here she is helping me pick out fabric for a custom ottoman for the nursery. She wants to help with anything involving baby, she never forgets to tell her good night, and tells everyone the baby's first AND middle name. I can't wait to experience the bond they will have. 

You can follow her progress on Instagram @jkonczol


Aly Cook

We are so so close to finishing the nursery but we are still just waiting on the glider to come. It should get here sometime next week hopefully. Not a whole lot of progress has happened since my last update because we spent the last week in Hawaii enjoying a baby moon! We have never done the baby moon thing, and this being my fourth pregnancy I wish we did it with all of them! I have worked on a few little projects (so it hasn't been all just laying around on the beach.) I found this little rocker off of craigslist for $30.00 but I didn't like the original colors, so I decided to paint it with some left over paint. I love how it turned out. While the room isn't done, I don't think I have ever been this prepared before a baby. I do have a tendency to deliver early so it will be nice to be all ready whenever this little guy decides to show up!  

You can follow her progress on Instagram @alsters


Alissa Dias

Well, the glider and dresser finally arrived! And then I had this crazy-wonderful-overzealous idea to paint the crib and dresser black. After countless hours of prepping, sanding and painting I am glad that I took on the demanding task. Speaking of demanding tasks, I also managed to get both the glider and dresser out of our truck bed and up the flight of stairs on my own (husband is gone flying for a little while). #womanstrong I probably should've asked a neighbor for assistance, but stubbornness runs through my veins so that wasn't really an option.
Just about every minute I get outside of work I've been chipping away at the final tasks. Gallery wall hung, accent pillows purchased, five sets of curtains tried on, play gym made. I ran into one hiccup with shipping our changing table storage system due to being overseas (argh!), but Target came through with a good contingency plan. I'm so thrilled for everyone to see the fruits of our labor soon, I promise you won't be disappointed. Cheers! 

You can follow her progress on Instagram @alissadias362


Jenica Parcel

The nursery is coming along really well! I have practically everything that I ordered, and now we need to set it all up. I have a feeling that after we do, I'm going to go sit on one of the gliders in that room and relax a lot. It's a lot of fun feeling the babies kick so much. My body is definitely starting to feel achy and my belly is growing at a rapid pace! Each baby is 1.5 pounds and will grow 6 ounces each week. That's 3/4 pounds of growth just in my belly every week! We love this little baby boy and baby girl so much. We have anticipated their arrival for so long that it seems surreal that they will join us in our home in just a few short months. It's amazing how much we love these little angels!

You can follow her progress on Instagram @asliceofstyle 

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