How To Take A Stain Out Of Your Nursery Glider

How To Take A Stain Out Of Your Nursery Glider

From limitless spit up stains and spills to markers and mud, every parent knows that having kids means messes. Nursery gliders tend to take the brunt of the mess since they’re used so frequently. That’s why we make our gliders with high-performance, stain-resistant fabrics and removable cushions so you can spend more time with your little one and less time cleaning. Spills still happen, of course, so here’s how to remove them quickly when they do.

Five easy steps to clean gliders and recliners

  1. Dab with a wet paper towel. Be careful not to smear the stain!
  2. Wet a clean rag with cold water only.
  3. Keep dabbing the stain and don’t smear.
  4. Once the stain is almost gone, scrub hard.

Let it dry naturally and voila!

These instructions are for a woven fabric specifically, so other recliners and gliders may require slightly different cleaning techniques depending on the material. Leather, for example, is extra-easy to clean. Just pick up chunks with a paper towel and wipe the rest clean with a wet rag.


Clean velvet the same way you would leather.


 Formula and breast milk stains are notoriously tricky to get out. Both have a higher protein content than regular milk which makes the stains more visible and difficult to remove, particularly after they’ve set. With any fabric, the best way to remove stains is to treat them early. If cold water and a rag doesn’t do the trick then standard stain remover or hydrogen peroxide should work for most stains, breast milk and formula included.


A word on preventing stains


The best way to keep your glider in mint condition is to avoid stains to begin with. Obviously that’s much easier said than done, but we’ve got a few tips to make it more doable.


  1. Keep a towel or blanket of some sort nearby. This can be a lifesaver when you need to quickly wipe up  spilled milk or even for catching it before it hits the glider. A receiving blanket is handy for wiping your baby’s mouth before the milk drips and quicking cleaning spit-up messes.

  2. Two words: paper towels. Stock up and keep them close at all times. When a spill happens, grab a paper towel and press hard on the stain. Be careful not to smear it! The pressure can absorb a lot more of the liquid and make the stain easier to remove later on.

If you’re still deciding on a glider, feel free to order a fabric swatch to test stain removal before you purchase. We know you’ll love the results. Best of luck in all your stain removing endeavors!

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