Our Most Popular Baby Crib Sheets

Our Most Popular Baby Crib Sheets

Crib sheets can be much more than simply something to cover your baby’s mattress. With so many lovely styles, prints and colors to choose from, they’re an essential factor in tying a nursery together. Plus, they’re a great way to spark joy whenever you lay your little one down!

When making design decisions for your nursery, consider just how much time you’ll spend near the crib: we’re talking bedtime, naptime, middle-of-the-night time, changing-time and much more. Which is why it’s all the more important to choose a design that you really love. In fact, we suggest you get at least two, so you’ll have another on hand in case of unexpected messes. 

There’s a lot to consider when choosing a crib sheet , but the most important factor should always be safety. “What we would look for in a crib sheet is something that fits the mattress snugly that won’t detach. We worry about the sheet detaching and becoming a suffocation risk,” says Dr. Benjamin D. Hoffman, the chair of the American Academy of Pediatrics’ Committee on Injury, Violence and Poison Prevention. “The right image of a baby sleeping is a baby on a flat firm mattress on their back with nothing else.”

Quality is another important consideration. You’ll want a sheet that’s comfy and cozy for your baby, and will hold up after infinite stains and washes. As for what type of fabric, “Cotton or organic cotton, that’s absolutely your choice,” says Hoffman. 

Designed for high couture and maximum comfort, Oilo’s fitted crib sheets  are as soft as they are stylish. All sheets are 300-thread count, 100% cotton jersey, fully machine washable and designed to the highest standards of quality—everything you've come to expect from Oilo. So go ahead and take a look below at our most popular sheet styles! We’re positive you’ll find one you adore.

For Girls
Floral is a crowd favorite for little girl nurseries. Whether you gravitate towards our light and lovely Bella floral or the artful Prim print, you really can’t go wrong. The airy Bella floral adds a sense of graceful beauty to any nursery with its soft lavender shades, touches of blush and gentle blossoms. 

To bring some romance and warmth to your nursery, we’d suggest going with crib sheets in the Prim floral print. This ever-popular pattern is perfect for creating a space that’s both classic and calming. 

For Boys
The most-loved crib sheet for boy nurseries is by far our elephant print. This adorable design is a thoughtful balance of playful and tasteful. Featuring splashes of watercolor in deep, dreamy indigo, it’s designed for summoning slumber.

Gender Neutral
Gender-neutral nurseries just make sense for so many reasons, and we’ve got the perfect crib sheets if you opt for this design direction. The most popular is the llama print, and it’s not hard to see why: The soft neutral grays pair effortlessly with any color scheme you want, or provide a refined neutral color base on their own. Plus, the llamas bring a subtle sense of childhood imagination and whimsy. These crib sheets are the perfect finishing touch for a more minimal, Scandinavian-inspired nursery. If you love the llama print, don’t forget to snag our softest, plush llama cuddle blanket as well. 

One last important thing to note is that all Oilo crib sheets are designed for standard-size cribs, so if you have a mini crib or bassinet you’ll need to buy sheets specially made for them. With so many dreamy styles, it’s impossible to pick a favorite. Which Oilo crib sheets do you gravitate towards? Let us know in the comments.

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