What Nursery Items Should You Spend Your Money On?

What Nursery Items Should You Spend Your Money On?

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While decorating the baby nursery is often a fun, creative endeavor, it can also be wrought with tricky decisions. You’ll find no shortage of beautiful nursery furnishings when gathering design inspiration (go ahead and glance at these gorgeous gender-neutral nurseries, these fun baby boy nursery ideas, or these stylish  baby girl nursery ideas). But when it comes time to move from planning to purchasing, many soon-to-be-parents find themselves wondering: what nursery items should I splurge on? 

The list of nursery items to buy for a new baby can be overwhelming. Of course, deciding where to save and where to splurge is ultimately an individual matter, but here are a few questions to ask yourself when deciding if that pricey bassinet is really worth it.

How often will it be used?
It makes sense to invest in nursery items that you’ll use the most. Spending a bit more on higher quality items means they’ll last longer even with frequent use. We always suggest splurging on the daily-use items you absolutely love, and go with the thrifty option for items that may not be used on a regular basis.

How much will quality affect day-to-day use?
More expensive doesn’t always mean your nursery items will be higher quality. Emily Glover, editor at Mother Mag explains, “When I had my first baby, I learned that all car seats have to pass the same strict safety standards. (Hooray!) I then took that to mean I could skimp on the infant seat we bought, only to realize that ‘just as safe’ doesn't necessarily mean ‘just as convenient.’ After spending too long dealing with difficult buckles each and every time we wanted to drive somewhere, I upgraded to a slightly more expensive, infinitely less frustrating car seat. As something I used multiple times a day for a full year, this was well worth the investment.”

What’s the lifespan of the item?
Some nursery items —  like clothes, bassinets, car seats, etc. —need to be replaced or refreshed frequently to keep up with your rapidly-growing little one. Other nursery items, however, can be repurposed and used for years after your baby’s grown. Gliders are a great example: many well-designed gliders or rockers can be moved to your living room or bedroom and function as a comfy accent chair. For these kinds of items, spending more upfront on better quality can help ensure that it's a one-time only purchase.

Splurge-Worth Essentials

We’ve narrowed our top three nursery items that are worth spending a little extra on.

1.  A Great Glider
You’ll spend quite a bit of time rocking your baby, so it’s important to choose a nursery glider that’s comfortable, functional and beautiful. We’d suggest opting for one that offers firm support but still feels soft and cozy enough for those inevitable late nights. Investing in a made-to-last glider means you can enjoy it for years after your baby’s grown. Oilo swivel gliders are a mom-favorite for good reason: they’re made meticulously from local wood by Amish craftsmen and come in all sorts of high-performance, stain-resistant fabrics (think breezy linens, luxe velvet, chic chenille, sheepskin and more).
  1. Oilo Nola Swivel Glider


2.  A Quality Crib
A crib is another long-term purchase and we think it’s well worth investing in a quality one. We’d suggest choosing a crib that’s made from clean, quality material so it’s both safe and durable. If longevity is your goal, many moms like cribs that can be transformed into a day bed or toddler bed as your baby grows.

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3.  Cozy Cotton Bedding
Quality bedding is another non-negotiable nursery splurge. You’ll want a sheet that’s safe, cozy and durable so it can outlast infinite stains and washes. As for what type of fabric, experts recommend cotton or organic cotton. Designed for high couture and maximum comfort, Oilo’s fitted crib sheets  are as soft as they are stylish. All sheets are 300-thread count, 100% cotton jersey, fully machine washable and designed to the highest standards of quality. 

Oilo Cottontail Bunny Rabbit Crib Sheet

These three items are worth the splurge, and you will enjoy them for years to come!

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